The Essential

The Essential

This is suitable for one-on-one listening environments such as watching TV or bird watching. You will forget you are even wearing it - Very small and comfortable. Nobody will notice that you are wearing a hearing aid. This level comes with all sizes of ear inserts to ensure a perfect fit for you. Soft and flexible hook fits over the ear.

Excellent feedback suppression technology, including low battery warning tone and power on delay. Low level noise reduction technology.

4 Frequency Bands with Noise Reduction and Feedback (squealing) Cancellation This hearing aid has an I-COOL intelligent multi-core digital signal processor.

There are 2 independent compression-amplification channels, 4 independent adjustable bands, 2 channels with MPO (maximum power output) management and 2 listening programs. Uses size 13 batteries.

75 day SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!! If you are unsatisfied with our devices, return them and receive a FULL refund of the purchase price. 

If you have questions about our products or how we can help you begin your journey to better hearing please contact us via phone, live chat, or email.   

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