Your Hearing Aids RX devices are protected against flaws in materials and workmanship for 90 days from the time you receive your product. During our examination, if it is decided that the product failed to work due to manufacturer error then we will replace or repair it at no charge to you.

Safeguard your hearing instrument from every type of unforeseen or unintentional damage by purchasing our 1-year protection plan on the check-out page for only $75.00.

Hearing Aids RX offers additional protection from accidental damage such as water, pet chewing, or stepping on your devices. In the event of any accidental damage, Hearing Aids RX will replace or repair your hearing aid at no charge to you less shipping and handling. When you purchase your protection plan, the start date is from the day you purchased your hearing device. Your device is not protected in terms of loss. If you need your hearing device serviced, please contact us at hearingaidsrx@gmail.com or call 1-844-432-7648. It is in the user's best advantage to purchase this additional warranty at the check-out page!!