How are Hearing Aids RX products different from other products on the market in hearing aid stores?

 There are two main areas in which Hearing Aids RX devices are different from other hearing products on the market such as Phonak, Siemens, Oticon, Unitron, Widex, Miracle Ear, Belltone, and Starkey.

Cost and Convenience

  • COST: Hearing Aids RX is a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids and many Personal Sound Amplification Products.
  • Convenience: Whether you choose to have your Hearing Aids RX hearing aid custom programmed to your hearing test results or you select one of our pre-programmed models, your device will be ready to use right out of the box and will have all the features you need to easily adapt to any unique listening environment.

Other than that, Hearing Aids RX offers equivalent digital cutting edge technology that other brands offer such as feedback cancellation, auto-phone, MPO suppression and many more! With Hearing Aids RX you'll simply enjoy crystal clear audio quality. Whether you want to maximize concealment or want the ultimate in comfort, Hearing Aids RX offers different styles to fit your needs.

How do we offer the hearing aids at such affordable prices?

At Hearing Aids RX, we are able to deliver high-quality hearing aids at affordable prices because we have worked diligently to advance key business partnerships with wholesalers and cut out the middleman. We also don’t have the cost of a normal brick and mortar business (building space rent, electricity, advertising in newspapers), as well as most of our patients hear about us through word of mouth or searching on the internet.

Do I need to have a hearing test before I buy this product?

It is your choice on how you would like your device to be programmed. If you have an audiogram (hearing test), you can email or call us when placing your order, and we will be happy to program your device to your specific hearing loss. However, if you don't have a hearing test, you can still purchase one of our pre-programmed hearing aids. Our pre-preprogrammed hearing aids have the exact same technology as our hearing aids that are programmed to hearing tests that are submitted to us. We pre-program hearing aids by using a ground-breaking, universal hearing algorithm that addresses the most common hearing difficulties which makes sounds easier to hear for the vast majority of people with hearing difficulties in different hearing environments.

Where do I go to get a hearing test or audiogram?

Hearing tests can be performed at a number of locations including by an audiologist, hearing/health center, or ENT office. If you are not for sure where to get a hearing test at, you can always call our number at 1-844-432-7648 and we can help you find a center close to you. A quick search for local hearing tests should provide multiple free or low cost options.

How do I know which device is best for me?

The device that is best for you mainly depends on what is most important to you. Many people choose to go with our Essential or Executive models which are some of our most popular models, because they offer a blend of comfort, concealment, and performance. Nevertheless, if you want to take full advantage of a discreet hearing aid then you may want to consider the Exceptional hearing aid which is our in-the-canal device. If you are having difficulty, you can always contact our audiologist at 1-844-432-7648 or email at hearingaidsRX@gmail.com.

What is included with the Hearing Aids RX hearing aids?

All of our devices come with a user manual that explains how to use and clean your devices, a padded storage case to lay your device in when not using, a pack of batteries, a brush for cleaning, and multiple size ear tips to ensure a comfortable fit.

What if the hearing aids do not fit me?

At Hearing Aids RX, our hearing aids are made to fit most ears. If you are having difficulty keeping our product on or in your ear, contact our audiologist for assistance at 1-844-432-7648 or email at hearingaidsRX@gmail.com. There are different size tubes and tips to fit all ears. If we are unable to find a device that fits comfortably in your ear, simply return it within 75 days of the purchase for a full refund.

What is the return policy on Hearing Aids RX devices?

Each of our devices come with a 75-Day free return policy. If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, call us at 1-844-432-7648 or email at hearingaidsRX@gmail.com to obtain a Return Form and instructions on how to return your device.

What is your shipping policy?

When you purchase your products from HearingAidsRX.com, we process your order within 1 to 2 business days and will arrive at your home within 5-7 business days with our USPS Standard Shipping option. If you need your products sooner we offer USPS Next Day shipping for $39.95.

Canada Orders

We also ship orders to Canada through the CA Post Expedited. This can take approximately 2-7 business days and includes insurance and tracking for $9.95.

If you would like your hearing aids sooner then please choose CA XpressPost that will deliver in 1-3 business days at the cost of $19.95 that includes insurance and tracking as well.

International Orders

Hearing Aids RX will ship to other countries. Express Mail International will ship for $31.95 and includes tracking and insurance.

What type of batteries do your devices use?

The Essential uses Size 13, while the The Executive Xylo uses Size 312. Our smallest most discreet hearing aid called The Exceptional uses Size 10A. Your devices come with a pack of batteries. You can purchase batteries on this website on the Accessories page or at any store such as Wal-Mart or CVS.

How long will my batteries last?

There are many factors that can affect battery life, such as average hours used during the day and the noise level of the environment. An average battery typically lasts 1 - 2 weeks.

What are Domes or Tips?

There are 3 sizes of soft tips that are included with each device to provide a comfortable fit. The 3 sizes of tips can be pulled off and pushed securely over the sound opening (tip end) of each device. Instructions for changing the tips will be provided in the user manual included with each device.

Since the devices are so small, will I have a hard time changing the volume or programs?

All hearing aid devices are certainly very small, but they were designed with usability in mind. Each device comes with a user manual that clearly explains how to adjust the programs & volume. 

Do the devices come with instruction manuals? 

Yes, each Hearing Aids RX device comes with a user manual that clearly explains all features. 

How often do I need to clean my hearing aids?

We recommend cleaning the device (including wax removal) at least twice a week. There are clear instructions in the manual on cleaning.